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Young M.A – Big Steppa

Young M.A Big Steppa mp3 Download

Brooklyn lyricist Young M.A. returns with the Mike Zombie produced “Big Steppa.”

Young M.A. has been keeping it real since her arrival to the game, captivating fans with her pairing of gangsta rap lyricism with an effortless, laid-back flow. Now, the New York rapper has returned with another new single, retaining that same formula for the Mike Zombie produced “Big Steppa.” On that note, Zombie continues his streak with another hard beat, lacing M.A. with a blend of eerie synthesizers and distorted 808s. In short, the perfect backdrop for her to flex, rapping without seeming to break even the slightest sweat.

That’s not to say her pen game is lazy, nor her work ethic — she simply prefers to keep the bars concise, saying little when little needs to be said. Her formidable entourage speaks on her behalf, and M.A. wastes little time in shouting them out in the opening verse. “I’m here with the set and I’m big reppin’,” she raps, on the prowl for some strange and prepared to deal with any opposition. “In the section with some hoes, it’s ’bout six-seven / In the section with the bros, it’s like ten-eleven.” Check out “Big Steppa” now, and show some love to Young M.A. in the comment section below.


She a bartender and a fan
But she only shake her for the bands
I don’t pop no Percs, I don’t pop no Xans
But I keep a cup of Henny in my hand

Young M.A – Big Steppa Mp3 Download
  • Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music
  • Expected Release: August 7, 2020

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