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What Does “Stew” Mean And Why Is Everyone Saying It?

What Does “Stew” Mean And Why Is Everyone Saying It?

Whether you are active on social media or not, you should have seen the word ‘Stew’ making rounds by now.

You’re probably wondering where this trending slang came from. Guys, we have Wizkid to blame for this! He started off tweeting about soon coming ‘stew‘ earlier this month. And in this case, his tweet was all about his first 2018 singles “Fever” and “Master Groove”  .

Next, he tweeted this in the days leading up to the video release for “Fever” and he sure did serve up some Peppery stew.

What does ‘Stew’ really mean?

You know how Yoruba people like their food hot and spicy, Stew, in this case can be used when something is as cool and spicy as Yoruba stew.

Now with Nigerians, it is pretty easy to get everyone talking about something especially if it’s from a celebrity as big as Wizkid or Tiwa Savage. Tiwa Savage’s cameo in the “Fever” video with Wizkid was the moment that finally made everyone catch on to Wizkid’s slang.


Seeing how the video already has over 2 million Youtube views,  it’s no surprise that people have also jumped on the trend. And now, stew can be translated to mean so many things that we can’t even keep track anymore.

Now, everyone on social media including celebrities have a stew situation going on. Whether it is music related, selfie-related, event-related, everyone and everywhere is spicy and hot! Here are a few times people used the viral slang.

Our Yoruba people are winning o! We’ve had “Pepper them gang”, now stew, who else is wondering what the next viral pepper related slang would be? No wonder our brother in China won the spicy food contest.

What are your thoughts on this slang? Some people are of the opinion that it is pretty razz. Are you on this bandwagon? Share with us in the comment section.

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