Watch The Promising Trailer For Season 9 Of ‘The Walking Dead’


Each year, The Walking Dead makes the most of San Diego Comic-Con to reveal the trailer for the new season. Well, the show’s team didn’t disappoint this time around, releasing 5 whole minutes of unseen images likely to rekindle the flame with fans who had been disappointed since Negan’s arrival.


While we know that Andrew Lincoln will leave the zombie series permanently in Season 9, AMC made sure to keep the reasons for Rick’s death, or at least for his permanent disappearance, under wraps for the moment.

(Photo: AMC)

Nonetheless, the trailer promises a true civil war between the various communities. While Alexandria, The Hilltop, Oceanside and the remains of The Kingdom will continue to work hand in hand, maintaining a peaceful relationship with The Saviors looks set to be difficult.

Incidentally, you’ll notice that the signposts now include a board pointing the way to a mysterious camp in Toledo, Ohio. We won’t give too much away about this new group of survivors, who are closely linked to The Commonwealth and Georgia, the queen of bartering…

Besides the repeated stand-offs between Daryl and Rick, the big event of the trailer is, of course, the confirmation of the arrival of the Whisperers — a community which has opted to conceal themselves among the roamers.

If you listen hard to the last few minutes of the trailer, you’ll hear the chilling, threatening murmur of “where are they?”. We also know that Samantha Morton (Fantastic Beasts) will play Alpha, the leader of this sinister community. Here’s something which should make us forget Negan’s “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”

Season 9 of The Walking Dead is expected on AMC on October 7.


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