VJ Adams’ ‘Define Rap’ Is Telling Of The Current State Of Nigerian Hip-Hop


A few months ago, following J Cole’s sold-out concert in Nigeria, social media was abuzz, as some people found it odd that his fans were so hyped, especially since Nigerian rap heads don’t have that same energy when it comes to our own MCs.


Our take is that fans of rap over here would keep the same energy if Nigerian hip-hop was nearly as good, and VJ Adams has just buttressed our point with his song, “Define Rap“.

(Photo: YouTube/ VJ Adams)

Featuring some of the only real rappers we have in Nigerian music, Ice Prince, Vector and M.I, as well as Sound Sultan and Mz Kiss, VJ Adams’ first go at rap is a bold and audacious step that ultimately falls flat.

Given the title of the song, you’d expect it to actually define rap, however, it just shames it. For a Nigerian rap song, “Define Rap” is adequate, but when you consider the intent and the talent involved, it’s downright poor.

Speaking to Konbini about the state of the hip-hop in Nigeria, EIC of The Native, Seni Saraki said:

People are afraid to rap now. When I was younger, there seemed to be space for both worlds — the Wande Coals, Naeto Cs, D’banjs etc, and something changed somewhere along the line. There’s no actual problem with the quality of some of the rappers – it’s just people aren’t rapping enough. 

In addition to that, we’d like to beg all everyone involved — save fo Mz Kiss — to drop their silly half-baked accents, because we’re 100% sure we’d appreciate their bars a lot more if we weren’t so distracted by their efforts to sound American.

You can watch the video for “Define Rap” right here:



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