The Producers Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Working On A New Spin-Off


On a fringe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where the sacrosanct annual trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead was unveiled, the man in charge of selling the zombie brand took the opportunity to talk about the future of the franchise.


This man is Scott M. Gimple, the former showrunner of the series, who was unappreciated by fans and replaced by Angela Kang for the ongoing adventures of Rick and his companions. Besides the Overkill video game, the comics by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard are set to give rise to new TV spin-offs.


Scott M. Gimple, the producers and the screenwriters for The Walking Dead are already working on a spin-off in the same vein as Fear The Walking Dead. The ex-showrunner said during the panel for the show:

“We’re working on something new, which will explore the past, present, and future of the universe”

Scott M. Gimple also expressed an interest in increasing the number of crossovers between the series, which should be the case in Season 4B of Fear The Walking Dead, in light of the recent trailer and Morgan’s return.

The rumors are on the right track in terms of the themes of future spin-offs. We already know that David Morrissey, who plays the Governor of Woodbury, would like to resume his role. What’s more, Robert Kirkman isn’t against the idea of exploring other continents ravaged by zombies, as is the case in the one-shot The Alien, which follows the early days of the European apocalypse through the eyes of Rick’s brother.

But there’s also another idea, which is particularly exciting for fans of both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero is leaning towards a spin-off featuring frozen roamers arriving from icy regions… Add a dose of robots and you’d get the Holy Trinity of all crossovers with Westworld. We’ll have to wait for more news about this mysterious spin-off in the next few weeks, perhaps when Fear The Walking Dead begins again on August 12.


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