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The Nicki Minaj Wedding Fever Continues, She’s Changing Her Name

The speculation surrounding when Nicki Minaj and her beau Kenneth Petty’s rumored nuptials will happen continues. The smitten couple has put their affections on display and Nicki has been more than candid about wanting to walk down the aisle with Petty, however, the rapper is keeping any plans close to the chest. That hasn’t stopped TMZ from doing their best to get as much information as possible, and their latest gossip around the water cooler is that Nicki may wed in the next week or two—if she hasn’t already—and reportedly plans to hyphenate her name as Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty.

They have sources who stated that earlier this week, the day after Nicki and Petty reportedly received their marriage license, the Queen rapper flew in a slew of her friends that only stayed in town for a day before they turned around and headed home. The publication reports that the crew was put up in luxury West Hollywood hotels, suggesting that some sort of ceremony may have taken place. Nicki hasn’t shared a thing about her marriage plans aside from stating on Queen Radio back in June that she already had a marriage license.

Nicki has always been open with her extremely dedicated fan base, so whenever she does decide to get married, rest assured she’ll let everyone know. It may be after the fact, but the Barbz will celebrate.

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