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Should rapper take a break now? (Olamide)

Nigerian rapper Olamide recently dropped his 7th studio album ‘Lagos Na Wa’.

His new LP is his seventh solo effort within the space of seven years, an incredible feat that mirrors the run of Hip-Hop legend JAY-Z.

Irrespective of the critical reviews and level of commercial success on this album, Olamide has proven himself to be one of Nigeria’s most prolific artists.

The only two acts who have matched his consistency in producing hits are Davido and Wizkid, pop giants who have left their competition in the dust.

With nearly a decade of hits, now is the time for Olamide to go on a creative break but not for reasons you are thinking. Whether you like it or not, Badoo will drop at least a hit per year accompanied by an album.

This formula has worked for him and suggesting he takes a creative break doesn’t indicate that he needs a new approach to making music.

Olamide needs to go on a hiatus so as to expands his portfolio. Right now, Olamide is a very successful rapper with a label that has churned out Adekunle Gold and Lil Kesh.

Apart from being a label owner, Olamide’s portfolio is very thin. Now is the perfect time for him to seek other endeavours. His place in the halls of Nigerian Hip-Hop is already cemented.

Olamide should take his celebrity status into other creative fields such as movies. A loose biopic on his life won’t be much of a stretch to produce. He has an immense fan base that can fuel the success of any movie project he lays his hands on.

The YBNL boss can also try his hands out on other things such as merchandising, owning a football club, opening up his own nightclub or restaurant.

With such a powerful brand name as his, he can pick almost anything he wishes and make it into a business. By taking a break, Badoo will have the time to focus properly on other business ventures apart from music.

Apart from business reasons, taking a break would lead to an increase in demand for his stock.

All the greats have taken a break before from JAY-Z toMichael Jordan. For both of these stars, they came back bigger and better when they returned. Their return helped extend their legacy and further solidified their legendary status.

Olamide has the perfect opportunity to do this. Stay out of the game a bit and extend his influence into non-musical fields.

When he comes back he will be bigger and badder than ever

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