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It is no longer news that the bigger populace of OOUites are expressing uttermost disappointment in the current Student Union Government administration in the area of Socials in OOU,but here’s my little piece. 


If the students see the SUG as their voice, then the SUG should act in that accord;but unfortunately, they’re not In this past week, a big brand showed up in school after being permitted to do so GTCREA8 CAMPUS STORM which is a week long event.

When this brand came around, they were levied by the OOU SUG Soc. Dir. of which they paid a sum of #30,000 to her. Multiple stands were placed by student entrepreneurs to display their goods for sale at the GTCREA8 ACTIVATION GROUND, the Soc. Sec. was given #3,000 per individual stand (and there were about four stands). Precisely on Wednesday 15th of November, the Rap attack was held for students which was hosted by this same GTCREA8 TEAM.

At the end of the Rap Battle, students who participated went home with branded materials as freebies such as Face Cap, Earpiece, Bluetooth Music Box, Wrist watch et.c. Less than 5 minutes the Rap attack ended and they were to have the Dancing Competition, the SUG Soc. Sec. showed up with her colleagues and entourage in the ALUTA bus on that ground, they caused chaos and ordered the C.S.O to start pulling down all the canopies which they did. At the long run, they did this ‘cos they the SUG have not been settled.

Words later came out that they were levying the GTCREA8 TEAM to pay them #350,000,then and only then did i realize how crazy the SUG really is.

I have questions: Is the SUG office an office? Did they all not say y they were doing this thing out of passion? What is that levy gonna be used for if they finally got settled?

The SUG is doing us more harm than good. They’re there to satisfy their greedy desires. They’ve shown signs of being enemies of the OOU SOCIALS. All i ask is for the current Soc. Sec.

Who I’m actually expecting a lot from as a Woman that she is;please Madam Soc. Sec. make a different move.

Break the rules and make sacrificial moves to promote socials in OOU and build a better legacy.

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