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Nipsey Hussle ‘Marathon Music’ Playlist

We still can’t believe Nipsey Hussle is gone. For the past few days, we’ve been watching numerous Nip interviews, bumping all of his albums and just reminiscing on the legacy he left behind the knowledge he dropped. It’s not like we weren’t listening before, but Victory Lap just sounds different now. As he said on “Dedication,” he really was the 2pac of our generation.

Just yesterday we were thinking about how 10 years ago we premiered Nip’s Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol. 3 while going through old posts. At a time where every rapper was offering a download link for their project, Hussle told us he wanted it streamed through Imeem and decided to offer no download link so people could buy the physical copy off him. During that Internet age, the concept seemed so foreign but was so ahead of its time, in retrospect.

He then went to offer a mixtape for $100 to some scrutiny and much financial success. He was always thinking ahead and plotting his next move. That’s why it’s so hard to stomach that he has passed, because of all of the good he was doing in the community. He had so much to accomplish still. If he did all of this at 33, how much could he have done by 40?

Plus, his career is a testament of how determination and perseverance can pay off if you keep low, work hard and are about your business.

For those still mourning and playing back that classic Neighborhood Nip music and reminiscing, we offer up a playlist of some of our favorites for you to remember with us. We called it Marathon Music for obvious reasons.

Rest in power king.

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