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Na as your sense reach you talk – Charly Boy slams Slimcase for saying COVID-19 is not a virus

– Nigerian rapper, Slimcase, seems to have gotten more than he bargained for after commenting on a post shared by activist, Charly Boy

– Charly Boy had shared a throwback video of Obama speaking during the Ebola crises and he compared it to Trump’s response to the coronavirus

– Slimcase then said that the COVID-19 is not a virus but a set up

– Charly Boy then replied that Slimcase only responded to the best of his thinking faculty

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt kept a lot of people on edge as they begin to bring up different conspiracy theories about how it is not a virus or how it is an attack on the world from higher powers.

Well, one of the people who seem to have that school of thought is Nigerian rapper, Slimcase.

Just recently, veteran Nigerian singer and activist, Charly Boy, took to his Instagram page to share an old video from when Obama was still the president of America during the Ebola crises.

Charly Boy seemed to be quite impressed with how Obama handled the matter compared to Donald Trump and he explained as much in the caption of his post.

Nigerian rapper, Slimcase, then responded to the post by saying that COVID-19 is not a virus but a set up created for a purpose.

Charly Boy then replied saying that Slimcase responded to the best of his thinking faculty.

See a screenshot of their exchange below:

This is coming shortly after Slimcase made the news for saying COVID-19 is a scam because it is just ‘malaria lung flu’.

Just recently, PHILLYYOUNG sighted the remarks of the singer in the comment section of a post shared on the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

The post entailed a story about the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, disclosing that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency had approved the use of chloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus in infected people.Small Doctor curses peddlers of fake news that he was arrested for attending Funke Akindele’s party

Reacting to the post, Slimcase noted that he had been telling people that the global pandemic was all a scam.

The music star said: “I told you all this is a scam. Covid is just malaria lung flu in two weeks it will self-cure, so what is the point.”

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