LYRICS: Joshiiee – Remember You ft KingGodson & Seyi Salvador




Intro (Joshiiee)
Hello Mum! You know I miss you so much
I hope you’re listening to me
“Joshiiee is Here”. Listen

Verse one (Joshiiee)

I know that you are gone
Still seems like yesterday
And everyone is shocked how I’m standing upright today
That night, I think we talked
You made your jokes, I laughed
It’s painful how you ain’t gonna see me make it alive
But I know that You safe and;
You ain’t gonna cry no more
Heaven is a good place, i know you ain’t gonna stress no more
I wish heaven could have a Snapchat so I could see you
Now I’m about to say the best word, mummy me I miss you
I’ll say it again, me I miss you
Tryna shoot for the sky like a pistol
You told me how to dream big, how to make my wish a real thing
You told me how to focus on God, how to make my music a big thing
You taught me how to write all my wrongs, how to make my haters believe me
But I’m thankful that I met you,
God knows I can’t forget you
Iya mi ti en be loke, Eyin gan gan le show me the way
Eyin gan gan le fun mi layo
Eyin gan gan le fun mi nissimi
Oluwa dariji mi, ti’n ba ti fe lo
Ee je kin lo ba mummy mi

Hook (KingGodson)
Words can’t express what you mean to me, what you mean to me, what you mean to me
You were my everything, you were all that I ever need, (eyyyh)
You are my Herrooooo
How come you left so soon, how come you left so soon? (Ohh Ohhhh)

Chorus (KingGodson)
You may be gone from my side, MY SIDE!
But never gone from my heart, MY HEART!
I’ll always REMEMBER YOU, REMEMBER YOU, (uh uhh), I’ll always REMEMBER YOU!

Verse Two (Seyi Salvador)

Look. I remember when I was a crook
One slap and some advice, that’s all it really took
But made me sit in the kitchen so I learnt how to cook
You should see me rap now, mummy me I’m so off the hook
It’s really hard to stay steaming in this cold world
Make friends, lose some. All it takes is one world
Now I’m so fresh man, like I live in holy world
I put my people on the map, I drop lyrics out of this world
Left the life I was used to;
Realized to make it in life it only takes two
Realized before the sun set is the morning dew
So I keep my head high, spit lyrics like I gotta flu, like I gotta flu
So Let’s all cheers to the past
Smile for tomorrow
Started with a paper and my hand and a Biro
Looking forward to a future that I don’t have to borrow
And a land of no sorrow!



Verse Three (Joshiiee)

See, I’ll Remember You
For all the love that you shown, I’ll Remember You
For every lesson that you taught, I’ll Remember You
For all your tears and your laughs, I’ll Remember You
Ma, I’ll remember you.
I almost drowned in my tears when I saw that you left
Now I’m writing you a letter with this song, I hope you hear it
And Seyi had to write too, CU’s she felt she had to
Now I’m done shedding tears, mummy me I love you
I’m thankful to Jehovah
Thankful for DMG
I’m Thankful for my Popsi
And I’m thankful for Godson
I’m Thankful for Orenaiya, na them way dey show me love pass
Thankful for my fans oh, na una give me the mind sha
Everyone that’s still calling, me I’m saying thank you
The ones way dey add zero to my account, na God go bless you
The ones way still dey beef me, on top wetin sup oh.
Make una carry una beef go junction, me I no wan chop oh

Outro (Joshiiee)
Mummy, you live on!
I love you!!
“Joshiiee is Here” !!!



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