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Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Is Done With More Rock Sound: Reports

Could Kendrick Lamar have new music coming? Rumor has it; the answer is “yes!”

While the Compton-rapper had a respectfully quiet 2019, following an explosive 2018: winning five Grammys, a Pulitzer-Prize, and the acclaimed “Black Panther” soundtrack—music journalist Bille Werde confirms an album is in its final stages and may feature a “more rock sounds.” Werde took to his Twitter account over the weekend to share the news, “Are you interested to know that I hear from several friends that recording on the new album may finally be done? And that he’s pulling in more rock sounds this time?” tweeted Werde.
Praising Kendrick’s talents, Werde tweeted, “Did anyone not named Beyoncé release better, more meaningful back-to-back albums last decade than Kendrick Lamar? Followed by, saying, “If anyone can make it work it’s Kendrick though. And I don’t at all doubt he will.”

Rock? Fans reacted to the news posting, “MAYBE. and wouldn’t it be remarkable if he did for rock what he did for jazz with “butterfly”?

It’s been 1,0004 days since Kendrick last put on an album, but who’s counting? The Grammy-winning DAMN was released back in 2017. Though Werde didn’t confirm a release date in his tweets, and actually double-backed on his words in regards to timing, “Also, just to be clear, just because recording had hit a point where folks believe it may be finished,” just the idea of a 2020 Kendrick album is big news.

Kendrick Lamar is also slated to headline several festivals in 2020: Lollapalooza Stockholm (June 28), Longitude Festival in Dublin (July 3), Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium (July 4), NOS Alive Festival in Portugal (July 8) and the WOO HAH! Festival in the Netherlands (July 12).

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