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Iceberg Slim Defends Himself After Cheating On Juliet Ibrahim

US-based Nigerian rapper Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim has asked people to give him a break over allegations that he cheated on Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim.

Ibrahim and Slim had been in a relationship before they broke up last year. It was later revealed that Slim had cheated on Ibrahim and lied to her after he issued a public apology.

The Nigerian rapper took to his Instagram Story to address the “self-righteous” people who regularly call him out for cheating.

The rapper stated that he fell into the trap of explaining and defending his side of the story when it was no one’s business. He noted that people still bring up the past because they have nothing else to talk about.

Slim added that all he did was cheat, and he did not kill anyone.

He wrote: “Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person.”

Slim also noted that he would never downplay or justify what happened because he owned it and learned from it.

According to him, sharing your side of the story would help no one and it will never leave the internet. He said people will continue to hold it over the head of the wrongdoer and it is not worth revealing or explaining to the world.

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