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I Was Spending At Least N108,300 On Food Daily In Los Angeles – Wizkid Reveals

One of Nigeria’s foremost musicians, Wizkid has revealed that he used to spend a whopping N108k on food everyday in the USA.

Popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid has said that he was spending between
$300 (N108, 300) and $400 (N144, 400) on food every day, while he was
residing in Los Angeles, US.

In an interview with Capital Xtra, which is available on its YouTube
channel, Wizkid said that he only eats Nigerian food, regardless of
where he is in the world, hence his willingness to get a cook to make
the food.

When asked how long, he stayed in the American city, Wizkid said, “Almost two years. I got bored.”

Giving reasons for his boredom, the singer said, “First of all, I
wasn’t getting Nigerian food and I only eat Nigerian food. Anywhere in
the world, I only eat Nigerian food. I tried to get a cook…I will never
forget. We got a cook and she had to work. It was crazy. She would make
the food in the morning and that is all you had to eat throughout the
day. It was just two meals. I was paying $300, $400 a day. I just got
bored of that.”

When asked if his fans should expect another music from him before the year ends, he said,
“Enjoy yourselves oh. Once it feels good and feels right. I will know.
It always has to feel good and feel right. You can’t put time to

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