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History of an upcoming talented hip hop artist who God later arrested.

An upcoming Hip hop Rising Artist popularly known as Sekke P from Enugu state of Nigeria the founder of MEW Records who his mother gave birth on 30th June 1997, And he’s the formal captain of Golding united football club in Enugu state of Nigerian in abakpa Nike Enugu.

The guy known as Sekke p is a Native of Nsukka in Udenu Local Government Area. Sekke P Stopped his Hip Hop Career because he notice and have been told that he has a call from God Almighty to serve him, sekke p was a formal student of GTC and formal student of National Grammar School Nike. He was giving a new name by God Almighty as Small Bishop.

Sekke p started answering the name Small Bishop including the ministration of God Almighty on December 2019. Sekke P have been into prayer although he’s the third in command in Emmanuel prayer warrior’s group Emmanuel prayer ministry Enugu after his elementary six before he noticed that it was a call from God Almighty and later come back an start it. The name Small Bishop was giving to sekke P from God Almighty.

Sekke P will still come back into music but it will go and it will be by Gospel song, stage name Small Bishop. Sekke p have kill many shows an won many awards in hip hop music in Enugu state before he traveled to Sierra Leone west African country in 2016 and featured the main popular producer jay bangs and later come back to his country Nigeria on December 2017 and still keep pushing his hip hop music career.

I pray that he will still going to win many souls for God Almighty and also bring out a good inspirational & motivational Gospel songs. If you have not being told sekke p have no sponsor all this years, his sponsor is only God Almighty. The man claiming and many people seeing as his sponsor have never give him (1) one naira to sponsor or support his music career. Pray sekke p is going to make it the more, Amen…

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