Game Of Throne Star Says “There will Be More Bloodbaths in Season 8”


As fans are patiently waiting for the release of Season 8 of HBO film, Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner who plays Sansa has revealed that the anticipated Season 8 will be the bloodiest and emotionally distressing yet.


This series is characterised by its gory executions and its depictions of a thousand and one ways to die. Deaths by beheading, Throat slitting, being crowned with molten gold and the frightening White Walkers who turn people to The Undead.

<em>Sansa Stark</em>

Turner also says that they will be a coalition of people coming together to fight the calamity despite the tension between them.

Since HBO announced the release date of the final season, there has been a lot of spoilers and speculation of the outcome of the finale.



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