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Fireboy Meets His Youngest Fans Ever

It’s been a truly meteoric rise for Fireboy. 

Earlier this year he signed his first record deal with YBNL, a few weeks later he released his first single and that one song changed his life. 

He is, however, no one-hit-wonder as he’s shown this with his two follow up songs – “King” and “W.I.I.S”. The latter has already racked up over a million views on youtube and the former is quickly climbing up the charts. But none of these two songs come close to the colossal success of “Jealous” – the smash hit single that made Fireboy a household name in Nigerian music.

What has followed since the release of “Jealous” has been a seemingly endless list of shows that Fireboy has headlined. There’s even been talk of a concert sometime early next year. By now you’d expect that this young artist would have met virtually all the different types of fans he has. 

The groupies, the hardcore fans, the “we love you fireboy” screamers and the likes.

However, Fireboy was pleasantly surprised to find out he had a whole other set of fans, he hadn’t previously met. At least not until this Saturday at Nickfest.

Fireboy who was one of the headline sponsors on the opening day of Nickfest, had the opportunity to meet with some of his biggest fans, many of which were infants and adolescents. 

Apparently, his songs have been a hit with kids, and they were absolutely thrilled to see the singer on stage at Nickfest.

After his performance, you could clearly see he was pleasantly surprised. It was written all over his face. The kind of look you’ll see on a man who’s just made an interesting and eye-opening discovery. The realization today was – these kids love me! And for any artist that is a major motivator.

The 2019 Nickelodeon festival is proudly sponsored by Maltina, the family-friendly beverage that pulls no stops in putting smiles on the faces of its millions of consumers across the country. Maltina hosted thousands of kids to its Happy land during Nickfest, and these kids had the time of their lives as they got to play on the bouncing castle, meet “Happy the Mascot” as well win prizes and rewards courtesy of Maltina.

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