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#EndSARS: protesters beat Mark Angel for trying to use them for his comedy video

#EndSARS: protesters beat Mark Angel for trying to use them for a skit video

The popular Nigeria comedian, Mark Angel was almost beaten to a pulp after he was caught filing the protest and trying to use it for his comedy skit by some angry protesters.

In a viral video circulating the social media, Mark Angel was surrounded by a group of angry #EndSARS protesters who were venting their anger loudly alleging he was trying to film them for his upcoming comedy.

In reaction, they rally round him and uniformly threatened to use him for comedy instead. The entertainer appeals to them, begging them to exercise patience and claim it wasn’t his decision to mock their protest to call for police brutality in Nigeria.

Some of his protesters further pleaded with other protesters to allow him to go. One of the protesters also pleaded with the others to calm down. It will be recalled that youths across the country have taken to the street to voice out against the extrajudicial killing, harassment, and extortion by the Nigerian police.

Watch the video below

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