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Drake Stops Concert To Tell Man In Crowd To Stop Groping Women

Drake stopped a recent performance at an afterparty in Australia show mid-song after witnessing sexual assault in the front row of his crowd. Asking the sound team to cut the music, Drake speaks directly to the man he caught groping several women.

“Yo, stop that shit”, he is heard saying in a phone recording of the event, before continuing: “If you don’t stop touching girls, I will come out there and fuck you up.”

Apparently the blockhead didn’t really get the message the first time, because Drizzy then goes on to repeat:

“I’m not playing, if you don’t stop putting your hands on girls, I’m gonna come out there and fuck YOUR ass up.”

Of course, the crowd lost their shit over the gesture which has made the Canadian rapper the internet’s hero of the moment.

A similar incident took place several months agowhen Sam Carter, the lead singer of metalcore group Architects, called out a fan for similar behaviour in the middle of a festival performance. He said:

“It is fucking disgusting, and there is no fucking place for that shit. It is not your fucking body, it is not your fucking body, and you do not fucking grab at someone.”

While it’s unfortunate that people need to be told that this behaviour is absolutely unacceptable, these kinds of stories do provide a welcome contrast to the outpouring of stories of sexual harassment, assault and misconduct we’ve been hearing recently.

Drake’s comments follow a major Hollywood scandal prompted by multiple allegations against big names like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. In the wake of these claims, the #MeToo hashtag has emerged on social media, with men and women sharing their own experiences of sexual assault.

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