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Decash Ft Wisa Greid – Live Your Life (prod by masta garzy)

Intro Eiiiiiii Big Benzy Qwame Decash Wisa Greid Mix Masta Garzy Louiville Verse 1 *Make them throw dema shots Aya *But the thing ago backfire *Them no wish you climb the success lather *Them ago do do tire till they retire Chorus *Live your life and no watch no hater (hater) *If them ah bread seller unu ah the best baker (baker) 2x Verse 2 *Put your lighters up *If you know unu future bright there so *Anyway anyhow make them know say *Unu pun ah different level (Wisa Greid ) *Man ah lion born champion *So no bloodclat force can hold me down *Mi just ah fight to the top mi nuh watch no one *Yei shibidubada Chorus Verse 3 (Wisa Greid) *Nuff people no wan see you shine *They just wan see you suffer *Dema relate to you very nice but alla dem ah traitors *Dema wish dem fi see you cry *Nuff people wan to see you die *Heeey (*So live your life anyway *Dema wish to live the life you live *So live the life you live *m3pii gye m3ni gbeobo shii)2x Verse 4 *Make you no watch nobody but you *Try fi help a brother and *Im ago turn around and bite you (ou ou) *Ya mad. *Because your downfall be dema success *Try progress and dema eye red *You can’ t do this on your own *Put some respect on your work but Jah first. Chorus Hook (Wisa Greid ) Chorus Thanks for learning the lyrics to the song.. Social media platforms : @qwamedecash / @teamqwamedecash #BigBenzyEmpire


Decash Ft Wisa Greid – Live Your Life (prod by masta garzy)

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