Chance The Rapper Announces The Release Of A New Album This Week


In a recent interview with Chicago TribuneChance the Rapper confirmed the release of a new album this week. Accustomed to sharing his music for free, the Californian rapper hasn’t yet given any more information as to how his new project will be distributed.


(Photo: Chance The Rapper/Instagram)

Nonetheless, he opted to share his vision of music and payment. I’ve never been against selling music. Music has value. I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I’m doing”, he saidAs a reminder, his 2016 album, Coloring Book was available for free on all streaming platforms.

This revelation has emerged at the same time as Chance The Rapper and Kanye West are in the middle of preparing a seven-track project, fully produced by West. Asked about the project by the Chicago Tribune, Chance explained that their collaboration began when he visited Kanye in the Wyoming mountains.

He said:

“We’re up in the mountains around these wild animals—it’s very different out there—and we got some music done, and then he asked me if he could do an album with me.

I don’t know of a timeline on it yet, the trajectory of it, but he’s coming [to Chicago] to work on it some more.

We’ve just started making it, but I don’t want to manipulate the situation and impose any time frame, because that can hinder you.”

And these two projects aren’t the only albums in the pipeline. A joint album between Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino is still being discussed. Chance recently confirmed that the album will feature around 15 tracks, but didn’t mention a release date.