Chidi Kevin Njumogu popularly known as C. Kevin is a gospel artiste, music producer and writer. He hails from Isialangwa LGA in Abia State. A graduate of Statistics from Abia State University Uturu, his passion for music started from his childhood days. He started off with the church choir where he was naturally drawn to the keyboard. And over the years this passion has not waned. Hence he puts out this inspiring song titled ‘Chukwubuike‘ off his ‘Uplifted’ album.


‘Chukwubuike’ is an uplifting and soul stirring song that expresses the almighty power of God over challenges. It’s a song that will stir you to worship and bring you closer to His presence. To the defeated, frustrated, and dejected, it’s inspiring message will give encouragement and hope.

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Verse 1:
What seems hard for men to do
Ya ka chineke na emerem
(That’s what God does for me)
Ima na apughim iko
(I cannot explain)
All the mighty things you do eh
So tell me what will I have done?
If you didn’t save me with your mighty hand.
You are my God and you never fail
Strong and mighty God you’re reliable. (2x)
Chukwu Bu Ike (2x)
Chukwu Bu Ike m o
Iheanyi Chukwu
Chukwu Bu Ike (2x)
Chukwu Bu Ike m o
Iheanyi Chukwu
Iheanyi Chukwu (Harmony) (2x)
Verse 2:
No matter what people say
I’ll put my trust in you Lord
You do what you say you do
(Jehovah bu ekwueme)
You’re the Alpha and Omega
There’s no other God above you Lord
That’s why I will worship you
(Repeat Bridge) (2x)
(Repeat Chorus)
Chukwu Bu Ike eh
Chukwu Bu Ike eh
(Repeat Chorus Till Fade)



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