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‘Black Panther’ Villain, Killmonger Is Getting His Own Comic Series

Black Panther‘s primary antagonist, Erik Killmonger was a very polarizing character. Following the release of the Marvel hit, people were divided into two camps: those who opposed and those who supported his ideals. And the divide still exists.

Now, Marvel is capitalizing on that in a big way. Just like Black Panther fan-favorite, Shuri got her own limited comic series, Marvel just announced an all-new miniseries about the early life of Killmonger — one of their best-ever villains.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The new five-issue comic series will dig into the psyche of Erik Killmonger and explore the series of events in his life that led to his rise as a villain. The comic will be written by Bryan Edward Hill and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra.

Speaking to Vulture, Bryan Hill expanded upon the kind of existential questions the comic will explore:

“Like when you just committed something horrible, when you’ve just done an act of violence, what’s it like the morning after? What’s it like the day of? When you believe in a gun and its ability to keep you safe and execute your will, what is that belief like? What’s it like to know that you’re a hunted person and to live your life? How do you forge relationships?

I can say that the events of the stories for the most part begin with Erik graduating from MIT. Like all stories, it begins with him having a fork in the road in front of him. He’s a young man who could have a successful and peaceful life if he could just put away his desire for revenge.”

The comic’s aesthetics will be inspired by Michael B. Jordan’s iconic look from the movie, and the comic will be focused mostly on his hunt for Ulysses Klaw and the other men who prevented him from growing up in Wakanda.

The first issue of Killmonger drops this December.

(Photo: Juan Ferreyra/Marvel)

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