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A lot of empirical evidence, quotidian lifestyle of humans predominantly the Negroids and Africans portray the fictitious mindset towards the supreme supernatural being outside our planet. This supernatural being called “God” has been renamed by ethical principles, conducts, beliefs etc. Yet, his new name is yet to be blatantly unveiled, rather a myth of the word in existence of “God”.
I have seen someone whose face lives in infuriation, dread, and hardly does smile penetrate his eyeballs when it comes to the term of opposite sex. That might be selcouth and weird to you. Indeed, they exist neither in the outer space nor under the soil, rather on the same footstool under the cloud but do not blame him or deride him. He is only being timorous of rage.
I have seen a lot of broken homes, marriages, chattered and unfulfilled dreams and they are crying under the soil for help. They are wailing for their hands to be elevated from the seed of hapless and unfavourable circumstance. I have seen a man who couldn’t put on a befitting outfit because he’s encaptured under the shades of dread thinking furiousity that is so extreme that it could resurrect the nefarious tyrant and tear him apart. He lives a miserable and deplorable life, shabbily dressed, cladding in inept outfits and rendered useless and ungregarious by the world of scorn and disdain. This is owing to the fact that our present society is a consummate embodiment and empirical executor of the proverb that says “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed”. I have seen a woman who broke her holy matrimony because she couldn’t have a good sexual relationship with her spouse believing God might get pissed if she goes too far with it. It gets terminated rapidly anytime her scarf falls just to prevent herself from irrevocable wrath. I have seen a man who lives in indigency and destitution because he’s afraid of being cast away. Thereby, all the beneficial things in life, accomplishments, opportunities disregard him. Many salient instances that could write a complete book I have witnessed. This particular belief has caused numerous thorny plights and it ceaselessly occurs as the World keeps existing.
This horrible deed keeps on its persistency not because we aren’t a good ethical observator neither because we are carefree with religious growth, rather because we do misinterprete the religious book. We logically derail the use of language, the use of some certain expressions are being analyzed irrationally and majorly occur unknowingly or without adequate affirmation, proper elucidation or comprehensiveness.
I have gotten to realize that there are two major ethical basis involved in ethical principles but unfortunately both are being considered a single element. These two basis or factors are; religion and doctrine. Religion is the belief in the existence of God or worship of a supernatural being who tends to be a personal God or god, while doctrine is the body of teachings of an ideology most often of religion, or an organization, a group or text. I put simply, we worship a single God, but in different manners. The manner here is the doctrine which encrypts several conducts or a distinct one for several chapels and religious established organizations. We have overshadowed doctrine over religion and because some of the doctrines are based on stringentness, then, we either choose or persuade or ponder that those conducts are directly given by God himself without proper delve.

The teachings and sermons of nowadays are mostly frightening ones. Imagine someone trying to win a soul of a disbeliever and the first message of the good news is “Believe now or gnash horridly in hell”. At that particular moment, the receiver who is trying to decide what is being encoded starts cogitating and visualizing the mighty dragon that governs the religion. Peradventure the soul later yields and converts, such human being may even find it difficult to appreciate the supernatural force in order to prevent imprecation and avert wrath from the listener. At times, believers themselves are being made to feel unfrightened enough towards God through teachings, gospel etc. In order to take divine things with more earnest, thereby, some begin to wallow more in dread to prevent impending fury and develop a farness relationship with him to permit Comity.
In order to prevent this torbulent act, apt approach, comprehensive teachings, proper interpretation should be scripturally analyzed. People must be given freedom to question opinions concerning the issue of religious and doctrinal conducts at their various organizations or chapels to prevent confusion and ignorance about the basis of their principles and avoid the act of imposing their doctrine on others unknowingly with the mindset of investing religious conducts.
God should be portrayed as a loving God that dwells in purity and examplar of ethical principles. He should be considered a Father to the believers, rather than a master. As a result of this, believers themselves begin to have good interpersonal relationship with Him. They aspire rapid growth for great virtues and values to acquire this instead of separating themselves from Him and loosing many great opportunities and blessings a good child deserves from a loving father.
I’m not trying to assert that it is wrong to fear God, but I’m affirming the fact that excessive phobia could be dangerous and deleterious,while mutual relationship is the key sine qua non.
By: Olaseni Kehinde PreciousLP

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